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  • 14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You
  • Portrait of the Young Grad as an Analyst
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  • Mitt Romney is the... Old Lil Wayne?
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  • Another Way of Saying
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  • Improvise (Book illustrations, published 2014)
  • Needs Disrupting, the Twitter
  • Rap Genius: Doodles
  • A List of Things I Read and Liked



  • Freakonomics 1
  • The Economist
  • The Financial Times
  • Greg Mankiw
  • CNBC
  • Business Insider 1
  • NPR's Marketplace
  • Marginal Revolution
  • Freakonomics 2
  • Wall Street Oasis
  • Avinash Kaushik
  • Ask a Manager
  • Life Hacker
  • Spiegel Online
  • Cortissa
  • NBC Chicago
  • Pomona College Magazine
  • Business Insider 2
  • Business Insider 3
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Business Insider 4
  • Nouriel Roubini
  • Rap Genius
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  • Chicago eMetrics Conference
  • Data Potluck at 1871
  • Columbia
  • Tech@NYU
  • Boston University

  • FAQ

    I have been asked all these questions. You can also contact me either on twitter or here.

    Q What are your favorite programs?

    A My true loves are d3 and illustrator, though am currently having affairs with google fusion and mapbox.

    Q Can I repost your stuff/use it in a presentation/etc?

    A Yes, but please link back or credit.

    Q Who built your website? What platform did they use?

    A I built it!! :[ No platform. The site started as a way for me to learn javascript. I had no idea what I was doing, so I built it all in notepad. lol. Someday I'll switch to Jekyll tho..... someday.

    Q How do you get ideas? Can I tell you my idea?

    A Boredom, irritation, and rumination. Yes.

    Q Any recs?

    A Edward Tufte and Mike Bostock. Both are dreamy.

    Q Any recs outside of data viz?

    A Philz Coffee, Haruki Murakami, John Steinbeck, the 99% Invisible podcast, all lowercase (FOR LIFE), general usage of irony (see previous parenthetical), having a really weird last name because you'll ALWAYS WIN SEARCH FOR YOURSELF!!

    Q What's the best response you've ever gotten to your site?

    A I liked this, this, and someone once told me they used my charts to successfully get a date. Hee hee. More recently, I received an adoring email from someone named "YOLO SWAG" which I took to mean I'm hip with the kiddos.

    Hard to top this though:

    Q Where you at, girl?

    A Brooklyn, baby.





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