Portrait of the Young Grad as an Analyst

So you're an analyst. This means three things. One, your family and friends have no idea what you do at work. Two, no matter how "cool" you were/are, you geek out over things like updated program releases. Three, you already do or will be seriously impressed by how much you learn and the people you work with. Now that I've made some generalizations, let's do what an analyst does best and take a more granular approach.

The Learning Curve

The Motto

The Lifestyle

The Job Description Generator

The "Balance"

The Mindset

The Brief Respite

The Roadblocks

The Work

The Bonds Created by Time of Day in Office

The Evolution of Relationships with Other Employees

The Jargon

The Overlap of Programs (This is Supposed to be a Venn Diagram)

The Data

The Marry/Date/Kill Game Microsoft Office Edition

The Heart Attack

The Two Week Extension

The Entire Process

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