You're Wrong and I Hate You

Ah breakups. When you realize the person you thought was your soulmate is instead a butthead. A butthead you still miss? It doesn't make any sense. There's not much you can do after a breakup besides weather the storm.

The Stages of Grief

The Stages of Breakup Grief

The State of the Breakup

The Rollercoaster

The Checking Ex's Facebook Spiral

The Coordinate System of Everything You'll Feel

The Questions

1. Should I text my ex?

2. Should I call my ex?

3. Should I email my ex?

The Answer

The Truth

The Platitudes

The Perception, in Immediate Hindsight I

The Reality I

The Perception, in Immediate Hindsight II

The Reality II

The Resolution

The Recovery

The Recovery for the Truly Pissed

The Closure