Chicagoan Until Chicago Ends

Living in Chicago is an exercise in extremes. I have cussed this city out on multiple occasions (usually after being blown into oncoming traffic) and then passionately declared it the Best City in the World five minutes later. My Los Angeles friend read this and said, "Liz, that sounds like a very unhealthy relationship..." Whatever, Los Angeles, leave your hippie dippie health-conscious crap out of this, you just don't get Chicago like I do. The point is, I'm moving and it is very bittersweet.* :( It's ok, I'll come back to visit, blasting Kanye's Homecoming when I do. Shut up, I know all you ex-Chicagoans have done it. So without further ado, if you don't know by now, I'm talkin bout Chi Town!!


Best in Town

The Stereotypes

Seems Reasonable

Also Seems Reasonable

Sometimes in Speedos

Character Builder Number One

See: 2010, the Blackhawks

Character Builder Number Two


No, Seriously

The Wildlife (Oh My)**

Personal Space

Test Yo Self

How Deep is Your Love?

Only at the Board of Trade

Seasonal Reasons to Drink


Chance of Precipitation

Dye Job


Something to Celebrate

Based on an Actual Study

The Cycle


Talk the Talk

Brace Yourself

Obama's Back in Town!

Location, the Remix

*Look for my upcoming charts, WHY THE FCK IS THE BAY AREA SO EXPENSIVE (Working Title)

**UChicago I'm sorry you know I love you!! I'd make some sort of comment here about how your rival didn't get a shoutout but I think you need a real sports program to have rivals. And no, the Saltwater School doesn't count. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap.

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