In conjunction with Parliament and Olivia Vagelos, IDEO Designer, I co-developed a half-day brainstorm that brought experts together to discuss and set an ethical precedent for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

Who: The workshop was attended by VR/AR artists and filmmakers and senior leadership from Lucasfilm, Pixar, Autodesk, Unity Technologies, and Chapter SF.

Why: VR/AR has not yet been widely adopted, so an opportunity exists to establish an ethical code for crafted experiences.

How: We asked each person to storyboard a simple experience in which VR/AR is used as a tool for empathy. After explaining their narratives, participants formed groups of four and imagined how each experience might be corrupted. By imagining ways a seemingly innocuous narrative can lead to violence or hate, we were able to better create a defition of "ethical" and then agree on protective guidelines.

For a sample of discussion topics, see the links below (circulated ahead of the brainstorm).

Virtual Reality

  • The emerging language of VR storytelling and world building
  • The 8 best VR films at the Tribeca Film Festival
  • Soundself: A VR acid trip without the drugs and flashbacks
  • Only robots can visit deep-sea vents. Now you can-in glorious VR!
  • Why virtual reality is about to change the world
  • Makako Ride 0510

    Augmented Reality

  • The untold story of Magic Leap, the world's most secretive startup