I am Tired of Giving You the Same Advice

Hello. If you're here, it's most likely because I got bored of listening to your relationship problems but I like you enough that I still want to help. I have therefore created a friendly guide so we can finally answer the eternal question, "Should I just move on?" First, however, let's do a quick and simple screen. Do most of our recent conversations look like Chart 1 or Chart 2?

If the answer is Chart 2, then yes, you should probably just move on. Otherwise, continue below. And, of course, you're welcome.

How did you meet?

Female Friend . Male Friend . Work . School . Other

Through a female friend

Proceed to Round 2

Through a male friend

Proceed to Round 2

Through Work

Proceed to Round 2

Through School

Proceed to Round 2

Through Other

Proceed to Round 2

He Has Your Number, What Happens?

Proceed to Round 3

How Do You Make Plans To Meet?

Proceed to Round 4

You've Hooked Up, Now What?

Proceed to Round 5

You're Dating, Now What?

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