Title Pending - Emotion at the Workplace

With Mollie West, Organizational Designer at IDEO, I am co-authoring, illustrating, and creating data visualization for a book that takes a data-driven look at the role of emotion in the modern workplace. We are represented by Lisa DiMona at Writer's House.

Our book is a visual and verbal exploration of how to embrace workplace emotion and thereby do better work. Drawing on psychology, design, organizational behavior, and behavioral economics, we hold a mirror to the joys and pains of modern work. A few of the case studies we explore include:

  • Why therapy sessions between the Genius co-founders turned the company around
  • The single moment of extreme vulnerability that helped Howard Schultz transform the culture and skyrocket the market capitalization of Starbucks
  • The men who were forced to share their feelings to reduce accidents on the front lines of Shell Oil Company drilling stations

  • Ultimately, this book presents a new understanding of how emotions and feelings shape our thoughts about work and purpose. At its core, our book contains a compelling argument: The key to being happy while finding your calling is to pay attention to your own unique feelings. We reject the conventional wisdom that feelings should remain outside the workplace and instead argue that understanding, embracing and addressing feelings at work make both organizations and individuals more successful.