Pomona in 47 Charts

These are based on my experience as a Pomona student. For reference, in case some of my jokes seem dated (the horror), I attended my fine alma mater from 2005 to 2009. To any current or fellow former students, if you have questions, complaints, or just feel the urge to throw in your obviously enlightened two cents, I am not providing my contact info so please restrain yourself. To any parents of current students, here is the answer to the only question you probably would want answered: yes, I am employed!!




Student to Teacher Ratio

What Kind of People are Pomona Professors?

I Want to Study _______, Is this Possible?

How I React to Rankings

And Yet the Sad Truth: Not Everyone Has Heard of Pomona

Which Colleges Have the Hardest Classes?

My GPA at each College, Presented without Comment

Classes Whose Names Indicate their Content is Likely to be Ridiculous*

*Ridiculous Can Have Many Meanings, the Negative Connotation is Used Solely to Mock Macro

How is the Living Situation?

How Many Times I Had to Awkwardly Explain the Term "Sponsor Group"

Graphed by How it Came Up in Conversation

I Want to Join a Team, What are my Options?

Pomona Sports Teams, Graphed by How Often I Heard About Them

I am Passionate About ______, Is There a Club for Me?

Speaking of Passion, Causes I Remember Students Supporting my Senior Year

Informed Activism

The Pomona Student's Dilemma

Relative Desire by Semester

Possible Response to a Hilarious but Slightly Offensive Joke

Words I Learned During my Freshman Year

Graphed by Frequency of Student Population Usage

I Have a Three-Day Weekend, Will I be Bored?

Average Monthly Temperature, Presented Without Comment

It's November/December/January/February/March, Today I am Going:

Percentage Chance I Could Wear Flip Flops

How that Quad Gets so Green (and so Not-"Green")

Average Monthly Rainfall in Inches and Percentage of Month Sprinklers are On

What I Wanted in the Village

The Coop Store Charges $7 for a Box of Crackers?

How Likely I am to Purchase Said Box

Numbers of Note

What Will be at Snack Today?

Relative Awesomeness of Snack Food by How Often Served


Most Surreal Pomona Moments

Chance Student will be Wearing Sweatpants as a Percentage

General Student Body

Sagehen Capital Management Member

Parting Wisdom

What You Will Probably do Post-Grad

Post-Grad Plans and Opportunities

What I Wanted to Do Immediately Post-Grad

What My Peers and I were Able to Do Immediately Post-Grad

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