My Super Sweet Sixteen

My friend's lil bro recently graduated from high school. "I'm sad it's over," he said. "Ha, ha, ha," I replied repeatedly until it became obvious that he was not, in fact, making a joke. I think I would have had a better high school/teenage experience had I spent less time having existential crises and more time remembering, in the words of Drizzy and Lil Wayne, "YOLO!!" Below are sixteen other super sweet pieces of advice for my sixteen year old self. I have omitted stock tips. Let's face it, if I could tell sixteen year old Liz one thing it would be to buy AAPL shares because they cost seven. dollars. Had I bought a bunch, Drizzy, Lil Wayne and I would not only be sharing a philosophical outlook but a freaking zip code.

1. You are not Alone

2. You Will Change

3. So Trying Hard to be "Cool" is Useless Because Nothing You are Doing Will Be Cool in Ten Years

4. People Care Less Than You Think (in a Good Way)

5. So You Should Care Less, Too

6. Just Be Honest With Yourself, About Yourself

7. You Don't Have to Have it All Figured Out

8. Understanding is Usually Lagged, Especially in Math Class

9. Understanding Can be Less Lagged if You Pay Attention, Especially in Math Class

10. Life Does Not Have to Follow a Predetermined Path

11. Good Things Come to Those Who Put Forth the Extra Effort

12. Study, But Remember Your Scores will Mean Less Over Time (Literally)

13. Your "Crazy" is Normal

14. Put it in Perspective

15. Put Him in Perspective

16. Don't Give Up on Learning

I have decided to experiment with comments. Share your wisdom with me, pals. Also if you, like my friend, were scandalized by the elliptical hate, I'm sorry but seriously what is wrong with you. The elliptical is essentially a cross between a practical joke and a torture device.

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